Sometimes At Night | Love Poetry

Sometimes At Night
When I Look To The Sky
I Start Thinking Of U
Nd Then Ask Myself, Why?
Why Do I Love U?
I Think Nd Smile
Because I Know
The List Could Run On 4r Miles
The Whisper Of Ur Voice
The Warmth Of Ur Touch
So Many Little Things
That Make Me Love U So Much
The Way U Support Me
Nd Help With My Emotions
The Way That U CaRe
Show Such Devotion
The Way That Ur Kiss
Fills Me With Desire
Nd How U Hold Me With
The Warmth Of A Blazing Fire
The Way Ur Eyes Shine
When U Look At Me
Lost With U 4rever
Is Where I Want To B
The Way That I Feel
When U’re By My Side
A Sense Of Completion
Overflowing Pride
The Dreams That I Dream
That All Involve U
The Possibilities I See
The Things We Can Do
How U Finish The Puzzle
That Lies Inside My Heart
How That Deep In My Soul
You are The Most Important Part
I Could Go On for Days
Telling Of What I Feel
But All U Really Must Know
Is My Love for U Is Real.

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